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Cooking Classes


The objective of our cooking lessons at Mangiacane is to experience the heart and soul of Tuscany through food, history, and culture. Our cooking lessons are about much more than a list of ingredients and how to cook them. Food and wine should be enjoyed with gusto, and that can begin with the preparation of a meal.

We wish to introduce this philosophy into the cooking experience at Mangiacane for a memorable and valuable cooking lesson. Although some ingredients are basics in cooking: olive oil, butter, flour, and eggs, these ingredients are not the same in every country! Vegetables are different not only from country to country but can even change from village to village. Italy has many varieties of artichokes that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Tomatoes will vary from northern Italy to Southern Italy and even from garden to garden. It is true that it is often not easy to recreate the same recipe using the same ingredients, but the aim of this course is to show guests how to cook certain recipes that, in the end, translate into extraordinary meals no matter where you apply the techniques and no matter where the ingredients come from. Our private Chef will provide suggestions on how to approach food, and use techniques that will help in the making of many recipes, not only those chosen for the lesson. Our lessons are totally interactive so questions are welcome and our techniques shared by our chef.



Depending on the weather and season, the Chef greets guests in the Olive Oil Kitchen or in the herb garden where you will begin by selecting fresh herbs that will be used during the lesson. Cooking lessons begin at 11.00 and last for approximately three hours. This includes enjoying the lunch that participants have prepared. Guests will enjoy the hands-on experience of their preparations with the Chef and therefore have the possibility to understand each and every step: from the selection of certain ingredients through the entire cooking process, culminating in the presentation of the final dish.



The dishes and accompanying lessons are based on seasonal ingredients. Some preparations are standard: handmade gnocchi or risotto, vegetables side dishes or appetizers, or traditional meat or fish recipes.

Head Chef

Every decadent dish celebrates the passion and creativity of our Head Chef