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Charity & Conservation

Charitable efforts
in two continents

Villa Mangiacane supports a wide range of charitable efforts on two continents. These include the preservation of fine art in Florence, as well as showcasing Shona sculpture, created by contemporary artists in Zimbabwe. Additionally, Mangiacane supports disadvantaged and handicapped children in Harare, Zimbabwe along with a number of important nature conservation projects in Africa.
Charitable Organizations in Africa

Through its owner, the Villa Mangiacane Charity Foundation has close ties to Africa and has initiated a drive to provide sustainable assistance to underprivileged needy children. One of those charities "The Sharon School for Disabled Children" is located in Harare Zimbabwe. The school supports a home for disadvantaged and handicapped children to assist them on an ongoing basis withtheir basic daily needs of medication, education and nourishment. This year we will expand this aid to build classrooms and provide the necessary equipment for children attending the "Kambarami Primary and Secondary School." This will give these special needs children with access to a quality education through computers, books and other educational materials.


Nature conservation in Africa

Nature conservation also plays an important role in the Charity Foundation in its support of our Orphanage for Animals on a Game Reserve in Southern Zimbabwe. The Reserve forms 40% of The Sabi Valley Conservancy spanning almost one million acres. This project has included the effort to remove all the internal fences within the conservancy to promote a more natural migration pattern or translocation for elephants. This allows for a viable alternative capturing method to culling.

We will also continue our project of saving abandoned or orphaned animals, like our baby Shamiso who was saved when abandoned by a herd of elephants. Shamiso is now thriving well. The aim is that once these orphaned animals are developed enough, to reintegrate them into the wild - a monumental task which has had success. The Foundation further supports this initiative by providing a special formula of Soya milk and vitamins for these animals.

To further support this effort, Villa Mangiacane has created a rose wine which honors baby Shamiso with its name. Proceeds from the sales of this wine will be used to sustain our efforts for the animal orphanage in Africa.